GARENA Forum Rules


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    GARENA Forum Rules

    Post by Xron on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:24 am

    Order needs to be kept on the forum, and thus the following rules will be enforced.

    1. Posting Rules and Guidelines:

    Post in the Appropriate Forum
    Please use your best judgment when creating ! important]new threads.
    The moderators will move your thread if necessary, but please learn from your mistake and place the thread in the correct forum in the future.

    Use Descriptive Thread Subjects
    It would help us a lot ! important]if you could name your threads with a short description of your problem.
    Do not use “help me,” “hello,” “error” or similar vague titles.If you are requesting support for a plugin, modification or theme, please include the name in the thread subject.

    No Spamming
    We don’t like Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. We are trying to run a professional forum, and any SPAM will be deleted on sight.
    No Irrelevant Advertising
    The only form of advertising allowed is for GGM Clan Forum
    Any others will be deleted on sight. ! important]Inappropriate links will also be deleted on sight.
    No Flaming – Rudeness towards other members will not be tolerated. Keep this forum friendly.
    No Bumping -The current version of the GARENA Clan forum has an auto-merging system to merge multiple replies within a certain period of time.
    Do NOT try to circumvent this by creating new threads, or by other means.
    Bumping of old threads (also known as necroposting) is not allowed, without a reasonable cause.
    No Typing in All Caps
    Typing in all caps makes you look like you are yelling and it looks childish.

    No Inappropriate Content
    This includes abusive, hateful, harassing, sexually-orientated, threatening, or invasive of a person’s privacy.
    No Re-posting Deleted Content
    If content is removed from the forum, it is for a reason.
    If it is posted again it will be removed again and you will receive a warning.

    2.Signature, Profile, and Avatar Rules:

    Signatures: Please keep your signature reasonably sized, following these guidelines:

    A maximum of two images with total maximum dimensions of 500 x 100 are allowed.
    Signatures with images are allowed a maximum of three text lines along with the image.
    Signatures with images are allowed a maximum of three text lines along with the image.

    Profile: Inappropriate content in the profile will be removed immediately.


    We only allow avatars that are up to 100 x 100 pixels and 10KB.
    Any signatures or avatars displaying inappropriate content will be immediately removed.


    Notations: Minor infractions will result in warnings via PM to notify you of the rule(s) that you are breaking. This is usually the first warning that you will get that you are violating a rule. These PMs are accompanied by a zero-point warning which has no affect on your warning percentage.

    Warnings: For major infractions such as flaming, spamming, and inappropriate content, or repeated minor infractions, warnings will be issued. The length and percentage will be based on severity.

    Bans: When a user’s warning percentage reaches 100%, they will be banned by default for one week. Repeated bans will increase in length eventually leading to a permanent ban. Permanent bans will be given immediately to users who register solely for spamming and advertising (also known as spam bots).

    Other Notes: The GGM Clan Forum staff reserve the right to modify the rules at any time without notice.
    Hope you enjoy your visit at the Garena Clan Forum.

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