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    garenam4st3r hack

    Post by Xron on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:26 am

    3.How it

    Yes, another garena
    hack. Why did I bother writting another one? Well, I didn't see any open source garena hack. And I don't like the idea
    of running a strange executable with administrator priveleges. What if it steals
    my garena account? What if it steals my bank
    account passwork? What if it contains a malware?
    (Besides, Garena is a
    VERY easy program to crack. I think an opensource hack of garena is a very good
    start for people who are learning).

    -It's VERY VERY small.
    (< 90k (zipped))
    -You don't have to TOUCH your Garena folder, all its
    files will remain intact.
    -You can be sure there is no kind of malware, since
    it's opensource and full documented.

    2.1 Features
    -Removes 5 seconds wait while joining
    -Removes 'Room is Full' error
    message [improved by Desu_is_a_lie]
    -Allows flood in room
    -Exact Ping View
    -Removes MH/CK detection
    -Removes Warcraft
    protection, so your MH/CK will work
    -Leave room while playing [added
    by DarkSupremo]
    -EXP Hack [added by DarkSupremo]

    2.2 How to use
    2.2.1 Installing
    Extract [] ANYWHERE you want. For
    instance, extract it on your Desktop.

    2.2.2 Using
    1) Open your Garena
    (make sure it's the official one)
    2) Run [GarenaM4ST3R.exe]. It's on
    GarenaM4ST3R folder. Make sure to "Run as Administrator" under Win
    3) Login, enter in a room, start
    game, have fun
    4) You can use your favorite MH/CK/whatever


    * MH - I'm currently playing 1.24c, so I use TyranO's MH, It
    has everything I want.
    * "Auto Clicker Premium" - Since there is no 5seconds
    wait and there's no room full error, you can use this freeware to autojoin any
    room quickly.

    4. How it works.

    * [GarenaM4ST3R.exe] is just a
    small piece of code that opens garena process and then opens [features.dat] text
    file and parse it, applying changes described on [features.dat] using
    WriteProcessMemory on garena process.
    * So, the source code of
    [GarenaM4ST3R.exe] is included at [GarenaM4ST3R.c] but there's nothing special
    about it, it just patches Garena, while its in memory, so that we don't need to
    actually change the Garena.exe file. The hack 'essence' is actually on
    * [features.dat] contains lines . Every line contains:
    * When GarenaM4ST3R.exe is opened, it writes HEXDATA
    inside HEXADDRESS of Garena running process, for each line.
    * [features.dat]
    has MANY comments, explaining what's going on - everything from a semicolon til
    end of line is a comment.
    * Read [features.dat].

    -When I
    have some free time, I'll try to make an autojoiner. I don't want an autojoiner
    that uses mouse clicks (otherwise, I would simply use Autoclicker or something
    like this). I want to create a remote thread inside garena process, that keep
    trying to join some room, until it's

    5.CHANGES - first
    version - getchar() on error
    messages. - Patcher fixed by Desu_is_a_Lie, so it will
    work properly on Windows XP. features.dat updated for leaving room while
    playing. - Added EXP Hack by
    DarkSupremo. - Fixed offsets so it will work on this new
    update 01/02/10. (I didn't make many tests. If you're having
    problems - Fixed Anti-chat-flood (used DarkSupremo
    solution; there are other nice solutions at page 11) -
    Added Gold-Member-Hack by DarkSupremo and Admin-Menu-Hack by
    plitvice - Added Name-Spoofer. (m4st3r compiled this one
    using Visual C++ compiler. The previous versions were compiled by Desu using
    Borland's compiler. If you're having any trouble post it
    here) - Added LadderShower-Hack by DarkSupremo and
    changed GarenaM4ST3R.exe, so that it can patch external modules (done by
    Desu_is_a_Lie). - Replaced Gold-Member hack by
    Super-Admin Hack, added by DarkSupremo. Reworked MH/CK/.. protection remover by
    Desu_is_a_Lie. (m4st3r used open|Fire suggestion of RET instead of JMP to
    ret). - 1)Patcher checks for correct Garena version now,
    so it won't run if Garena updates (Done by Desu_is_a_Lie. 2) Using features.dat
    modifications done by DarkSupremo, so it changes fewer bytes). 3) Removed
    EMPTY_NAME_SPOOFER option - will fix it later, m4st3r forgot. If you want to use
    an empty namespoofer edit nick.dat with a non-ascii char like "ơ" (suggested by
    qkhanhpro). 4) Printing GetLastError() on fatal erros so it's easier to find
    the LATEST version is attached.
    # - 1) Fixed
    namespoofer. 2) Fixed EMPTY_NAME_SPOOFER: don't worry about your garena name
    (since it's client side) - your Warcraft name will be empty and everybody will
    see it as empty. 3) Reduced bytes patched in EXP hack
    (deCiphrt). - Desu_is_a_Lie's graphical patcher
    included. - Added DarkSupremo's modification that
    makes GUI bigger. Also, added Auto-Hidde-Banners feature, by plitvice and me AND
    added autojoiner feature, which is still bugged, so it's disabled by
    default - Autojoiner
    feature enabled. Decreased time interval between joins and removed Server's
    offline error message. GarenaM4ST3R.exe is now the GUI version. Use it, since
    it's capable of turning off autojoin. READ 2.2.3 section - "Using autojoiner" -

    All credits to GarenaMaster and all contributors, I will
    update the download link when new features are added and on new

    FIRST. garena.

    dont login first.
    garenam4st3r.exe LOGIn.

    use this at your own
    risk. : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    last update masterhack18 = [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    masterhack19b= [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    masterhack19d= [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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